Friday, October 12, 2001

Jeanette Ceniceros
Comm 202
Discussion-Wed. 1pm
Journal Assignment #2

In my case, I would say thirty percent of my communication is virtual. In my first semester at USC, I had no idea how to use the Internet, least likely how to interact with others using the Internet. Then, in one of my courses I was forced to use the Internet. The professor gave us online assignments through Blackboard. I had to face my fear and use the Internet. I had avoided it as much as I could because every single time I tried to use it, I would end-up getting lost. Thankfully, the professor helped me do the first homework assignment.

Little by little, I began using the Internet. My communication through the Internet is mostly through e-mail. That is how I contact my professors, T.A.’s, classmates, and even my friends. It is so strange! I used to be annoyed when someone
e-mailed me. Before, I hardly checked my e-mail. I did not have access to the Internet at home. Now I cannot live without the Internet or e-mail.

Virtual communication has changed how I see life. When I try to contact professors, T.A.’s, and classmates about homework assignments I rather e-mail them because I rather look at a written response. (Just in case I forget). By the way I hate leaving phone messages. I just do not like the sound of my voice. Also, it is easier to click than to push the skip button several times to listen to the exact message, word by word. When I receive such messages it is hard to remember every detail so I leave them on the answering machine until I have time.

I am amaze that I have done Instant Messaging quite a few times. I first did it with a friend, just for fun. I never thought about communicating through Instant Messaging. It just happened. My friend knew I was on the Internet and so just like that she decided to Instant Message me. It was strange, but cool. I even use e-mail at work. If I need a certain material to accomplish a duty or if I need to ask to leave early, I e-mail my boss. We even play around with Net-Hail, which is Instant Messaging, at work. (Even though we are not supposed to be playing around with Net Hail). Virtual communication has impacted all aspects of my life, in a good and fun way.